Honda Civic (2005)

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Last updated on: Apr 27 2015

The 2005 Honda Civic is second only to the Toyota Corolla as the longest running car from a Japanese manufacturer. The Civic consists of a bevy of compact cars which were preceded by a line of subcompact cars, which began production in 1973. The Honda Civic was launched as a two door coupe and later it was upgraded to a three door hatchback. The Civic is an epitome of luxury and reliability – the car has a reputation for being environment friendly and fuel efficient. Different facets of the car, such as the leather upholstery, six speed manual transmission and the like, give it the right balance to be perched on top as the top-selling vehicle in the country, especially in recent times with the rising petrol prices and the weakening economy.

The compact car is equipped with a 1.7 litre SOHC 16-valve inline-4 engine with the standard model. The base model produces 127 HP of power (Yes, unlike the 2006 Honda Civic!), while the car can generate power up to 160 HP with the optional and more powerful i-VTEC motor. The car’s torque is an impressive 114 lb-ft. The 2005 model of the Honda Civic contained similar exterior dimensions as the previous model, while a flat rear floor resulted in a tremendous improvement in the interior space.

The excellent visibility coupled with well-designed controls of the Civic make it considerably easy to operate. The 2005 model sees an improvement over the previous models as far as noise is concerned – better dampening material were added to the doors. The fuel economy of the Civic is also outstanding for its class – 32 MPG in the city and 38 on the open road.

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